Asia Catalyst understands the importance of value for money. We run all of our programs—with offices in Beijing, Bangkok, and New York—with 11 dedicated members of staff. We have a significant impact with limited resources. We see progress every day.

But we can’t do it alone.

We rely on the support of passionate and thoughtful friends like you in order to deliver help where it is needed most. When funding falls short, marginalized communities in Asia can’t receive the support they need, at the time when they need it. Your donation to Asia Catalyst will prevent that.

Please consider making an investment in marginalized communities in Asia by donating to Asia Catalyst today. Build stronger civil society. Advance the right to health.

Every dollar creates a ripple effect.


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We rely on our Sustaining Donors to stay innovative and responsive, meeting needs not addressed by traditional donors.
Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support.
How can your monthly donation support marginalized groups in Asia?

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Asia Catalyst could increase community mobilization in Viet Nam by providing necessary training materials to local groups.

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Asia Catalyst could help promote rule of law by organizing legal trainings for Cambodian CBOs.

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Asia Catalyst could support local advocacy to protect the reproductive health rights of women living with HIV in China by awarding subgrants to local CBOs.

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Asia Catalyst could mobilize Asian civil society by providing tools and training on advocacy and strategic planning for CBOs.

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The impact you can have is limitless. You could help launch a new, innovative LGBT program in Myanmar. Or support people living with HIV in China. One thing is for sure: your support matters.

Asia Catalyst will acknowledge all of our Sustaining Donors in our Annual Report, published each December. To become one of Asia Catalyst’s most loyal supporters, click above.


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Unable to become a dedicated monthly supporter?
One-time gifts can give programs the boost they need to support marginalized groups in Asia.

Asia Catalyst will acknowledge all gifts over $50 in our Annual Report, published each December.


Asia Catalyst also gladly accepts donations by mail. Please send your checks, made payable to Asia Catalyst, to: 1270 Broadway Suite 1109, New York, NY 10001.