Asia Catalyst builds strong civil society and advances the right to health for marginalized groups in Asia. We train leaders of community-based organizations to run effective, sustainable, and democratic organizations, and to conduct rigorous human rights research and advocacy. We are an independent organization  that places the needs of marginalized communities at the center of national, regional, and international policy making.

Core Values

Marginalized groups are at the center of our core values. We believe that amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized groups will lead to a more just environment for all. Our four core values are:

Partnership: Asia Catalyst partners with members of marginalized communities, placing the experiences and needs of communities at the forefront of all programming. We believe that our partners have an invaluable understanding of the needs and circumstances of the groups that they represent and—with the right support and resources—are best positioned to advocate for their own rights.

Excellence: Asia Catalyst constantly strives to ensure program excellence and value. We employ rigorous monitoring and evaluation of all our activities, and employ expert staff to deliver highest standards of programming. Our advocacy is influencing policy globally.

Community: Asia Catalyst acts based on the stated needs of marginalized communities, designing tailor-made programs to address their priorities within their own local contexts. Their needs become our priorities. We enable them to act at the local, national, and international levels.

Results: Asia Catalyst has a responsibility to ensure that our results, as well as our operations, are sustainable. We ensure maximum and measurable impact through community ownership of all programs, local knowledge transfer, peer-to-peer applied learning, and support for strategic advocacy initiatives.


Together, our mission and core values contribute to Asia Catalyst’s vision for a better world wherein:

Stable and independent Asian CBOs have the space, expertise, and capacity to conduct effective advocacy for the respect, protection, and fulfillment of the right to health for their communities.