What we do

Asia Catalyst supports civil society development and empowerment through tailored capacity building, research, and advocacy on issues of most concern to marginalized communities in Asia.

We use an innovative, responsive model to ensure community voice and need is at the heart of all programming. We incorporate a training-of-trainers methodology into all of our long-term programs to ensure sustainability, and continuously evaluate and adjust our approach to maximize impact and quality. We support our partners to become leading advocates at the local, national, and global levels.

Entrenching sustainability

  • We support CBOs from marginalized groups to develop the skills and competencies needed to manage effective organizations and to conduct high-level human rights research, documentation, and advocacy.
  • We hand over the reins and train those same CBO leaders to run Asia Catalyst’s training programs for other community members in and around the region.
  • Our partners train other leaders from marginalized communities, and form wide-ranging advocacy coalitions to tackle pressing issues faced by their communities.
  • Civil society flourishes. Marginalized communities see real benefits from actions that tackle the right issues. This happens because people from the community select advocacy priorities themselves, with Asia Catalyst in a supporting role.

Our programs: