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Regional Rights Training

Successful advocacy often requires international coalitions of CBOs to work together to achieve progress or long-term impact.

The Regional Rights Training Program builds strong coalitions of like-minded CBOs through capacity building and implementation of human rights analysis, documentation and advocacy on a single thematic issues uniting CBOs across Asia.

In 2015 Asia Catalyst is supporting 16 representatives from 8 CBOs from Cambodia, China, Myanmar, and Viet Nam to work on ending discrimination in healthcare settings against people living with HIV (PLHIV) across the region.

The Regional Rights Training program runs annually and includes:

  • A tailor-designed yearlong training curriculum for participants on how to conduct research and advocacy on a single thematic issue;
  • 3 intensive workshops in Bangkok to train a group of regional CBOs on human rights analysis, documentation, and advocacy on their focus issue;
  • Regional coalition building wherein participants exchange information and analysis from their own domestic constituencies and learn from each other’s experiences during and between workshops;
  • Training and coaching on human rights documentation and research in each country;
  • Publication of a joint Asia Catalyst/CBO comprehensive report highlighting findings, analysis and policy recommendations;
  • Tailored advocacy support and sub-grants for all participants to design and implement rights-based advocacy projects on the issue covered in their documentation activity;
  • A Best Practice Guide disseminating best practices and lessons learned from the program to other CBOs, international networks and organizations to use for similar initiatives and future advocacy


Snapshot: This Year’s Regional Rights Training Program 

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