[REPORT] Employment Discrimination Against People Living with HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug Users (2012)

Employers in China’s Yunnan Province openly discriminate against former drug users living with HIV/AIDS, according to a
joint report released by Asia Catalyst and Kangxin Home, a Chinese community organization.

Staff and volunteers of Kangxin Home interviewed community members and found that many had been fired multiple times from their jobs at small businesses such as auto repair shops, tobacco shops and supermarkets.


In Memoriam: Wang Xiaoguang (王晓光)

We were saddened to hear of the untimely passing of our colleague, teacher and friend, Wang Xiaoguang, one of the founders of Yunnan Daytop in China. Yunnan Daytop is a leader in China’s efforts to provide voluntary and supportive harm reduction services to people who use drugs, and in that role Wang Xiaoguang has been a consistent advocate for drug users and for Chinese grassroots NGOs that serve them. Asia Catalyst and other international agencies frequently called on Xiaoguang for his insights and advice, and we’ll be at a real loss without him to turn to.

Our (unofficial) translation of Daytop’s obituary for him follows, along with the Chinese original text.

Asia Catalyst



[COMMENTARY] Drug Users and the Legal Framework: The Failure of the War on Drugs in Asia


Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group protesters – Photo by Rico Gustav

By Karyn Kaplan

Kaplan’s electrifying essay on the human rights of drug users in Asia is excerpted from her plenary speech given at the
International Conference on AIDS in Asia/Pacific (ICAAP), Busan, South Korea, August 27, 2011 and reprinted from the 
Health and Human Rights Forum.

Here in Asia, home to more than half the world’s opiate users,  more than 16 million drug users and at least 6.5 million injectors, where HIV prevalence among injectors is among the highest in the world, where the HIV epidemic is largely driven by unsafe injecting practices, where less than 10% of heroin injectors are on methadone, and where injectors can access an average of just two sterile syringes per month, we lack 90% of the resources necessary to provide the
essential harm reduction services necessary for realizing the right to health. But while resources are a significant challenge, I would argue that even when we have the resources, it does not ensure access.



[NEWS] AC, ANPUD, APN+ Call on ICAAP to Provide Methadone in Korea

Asia Catalyst and 25 other regional networks and organizations called this week for methadone and buprenorphine access at the International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, to take place this month in Busan, Korea.

Lack of access to these key medications in effect creates a discriminatory barrier to participation in the congress by delegates who are people using drugs.

Please help us to circulate the letter and to raise these issues with conference conveners and the Korean government, both before and at ICAAP.


[NEWS] Children of the Drug War

‘Children of the Drug War’ is a unique collection of original essays that investigates the impacts of the war on drugs on children, young people and their families.