[RESOURCE] Navigating the Terrain: Resources for Online Asian Law Research


by Ken Oh

Around Asia, internet users face several barriers to doing legal research. The barriers can be political, as the recent row
between China and Google
demonstrates. In some cases, developing countries do not have the capacity to provide internet access to their citizens.  Finally (and likely the most easily fixed), the barriers can be more practical: once you have internet access, how do you know where to search?


[REPORT] Addicted to Corruption in Indonesia

By Ricky Gunawan


Rose (not her real name) has been using drugs for more than ten years. During that time, she had been arrested a number of times, and her life has been harrowing. Not long ago, she began to feel hope for the first time, when in a breakthrough decision, Indonesia’s judges decided to send her to a rehabilitation center to treat her addiction.


However, Indonesia’s rotten and corrupt judicial system dashed her hopes.